Innovative Fee Structure

When you succeed, we all succeed.

Does your wealth manager take fees regardless of how they perform?
Iron Bridges’ fee structure is based on your portfolio’s results.


We believe in giving clients choices when it comes to fees,
so we have developed three primary fee structures and let our clients choose how they work with us.
Which option works best for you – Traditional, Success or Planning-Only?

For our accredited clients, we offer a truly unique fee structure that aligns us and our clients to the same goals: consistency in returns and diligence in managing risk.

Traditional Fee Structure

We can work with our clients with a traditional asset-based fee structure. This structure includes portfolio management, financial planning and any additional analysis that may be required.

Success Fees

We start with a below-average base fee that includes all of our wealth planning services. For portfolio management services, we receive performance-based incentives if we exceed a pre-set return hurdle depending on a client’s financial plan and risk tolerance. In addition, if a client’s portfolio falls more than a specified level on a given year, we reduce our fees by 20% for the next year.

Planning-Only Fee Structure

Many business owners and investors do not have investment portfolios that require special attention, or prefer index investing over active management. So we offer a set-dollar structure for clients only interested in our personal wealth management plans and/or our business consulting services.