Asset Management

Investment Principles

At IronBridge, we believe that success occurs when applying the correct investment strategy in the correct environment. We use proprietary investment models to help optimize risks and exploit opportunities for our client portfolios. We apply specific sets of rules for specific market environments.

Our core investment principles are based on a foundation of prudence, discipline and logic. We believe these to be common sense ways to manage our clients’ portfolios in an effective and responsible manner.

Our Five Core Investment Principles:

  1. Invest when the environment is favorable. Control risk and preserve capital in adverse environments.
  2. Diversification strategies vary with markets cycles. Plan for different economic and market outcomes, not merely for different asset classes.
  3. Always accept reality as it exists, not as we wish it to exist.
  4. A precise purpose, entry and an exit are planned for every position in every portfolio.
  5. Markets, risks, and client circumstances are dynamic and require constant re-evaluation.

Portfolio Construction


Real Diversification

We believe diversification to be much more than having different assets in your portfolio. We believe in diversifying portfolios across various strategies to prepare portfolios for different market outcomes.

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Risk Focus

Risk tolerance is an important part of every investor’s profile. We believe that risks in markets are dynamic and change over time, as does our clients’ tolerance for it. Once we have determined how much risk is acceptable to a client on a long-term basis, we have developed an innovative way to determine where and when those risks should be taken through various market cycles.

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Diligent and Prudent

In today’s investment world, hope is not an investment strategy. Portfolios of every kind require diligence and continuous oversight. We a have rules-based approach that governs our investment strategy and adjusts to changing markets. We have diligently planned portfolio actions to remain calm and unemotional during any market condition.

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