360 Wealth Planning

IronBridge serves clients with a variety of sophisticated financial planning needs.

Our clients have unique and meaningful goals. Assets are simply a means to help you accomplish your hopes and dreams in life. We spend the time to understand these dreams, and work diligently to help make them come true.

We believe that investment success has its roots in persistent and comprehensive financial planning. Hard earned returns can be greatly diminished without proper planning.

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Learn how IronBridge can help you achieve your unique and meaningful goals.

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Our Services

Our 360 Wealth Planning builds upon traditional financial planning tools by incorporating advanced techniques and using modules that speak to your specific situation. Your plan is fully integrated with your portfolio, and compliments naturally into the work you do with your CPA and Estate Planning attorney.

We work together with our clients to build a customized plan, prioritizing trade-offs and accounting for “what-ifs”. Your plan is a living document that utilizes the latest technology, adjusts to changes in your financial life, and adapts to changing market conditions.

Personal Wealth Planning

Most financial services firms focus only on the investments in your brokerage accounts. Our clients’ balance sheets are complex, and often require a more sophisticated analysis encompassing many different assets.

Our analysis helps provide a deeper understanding of risks and opportunities in all of your investments: real estate assets, private equity investments and private business ownership. We have proprietary financial models that help our clients understand their total financial picture, and help them make better informed decisions.

Comprehensive Analysis

Our team has experience consulting business owners to prepare their business for sale.

We recognize that business owners have unique goals, and their personal wealth overlaps their business interests.  We also realize that personal wealth overlaps with wealth accumulated from business ownership and other private investments. We use our advanced planning tools alongside multiple valuation models to integrate the two into a unified and meaningful financial plan.

  • Proprietary Business Valuation Models
  • Business Succession, Exit Strategies and Family Transfer Planning
  • Selling/Acquisition Consulting
  • Liquidity Management
  • Retirement Planning
Business Advisory Services

Just because an investment is not in a brokerage account does not mean it should not be a part of your overall strategy. We provide analysis services to help you understand if your non-liquid holdings are performing to their expectations, and will provide guidance on what to do next.We have developed proprietary models to provide in-depth cash flow, valuation and comparison analysis of real estate and private equity investments, making your decisions more informed and better integrated into your overall financial picture.
  • Real Estate Valuation, Income Analysis and Cap-Rate Modeling
  • Debt Analysis
  • Recommendations on Private Equity Strategy
  • Comprehensive Analysis of Private Equity Investments
  • Integration of Private Equity Holdings into Investment Strategy
Real Estate & Private Equity Analysis