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Forward with Confidence

Asset Management

Apply intelligent risk management to your hard earned wealth, not mindless diversification. We use disciplined processes and advanced technology to identify favorable investing environments so you have the highest probability of success.

Invest with Confidence

Meaningful Advice

Investment success has its roots in persistent and comprehensive financial planning.  We offer comprehensive wealth planning, business advisory services, real estate advice and private equity analysis.

Plan for Success

Market Analysis

A deep understanding of financial markets is critical to consistently grow and protect wealth.  We publish meaningful analysis on a predictable schedule so you have perspective on a variety of markets.

Pursue Knowledge

Results Based Fees

Does your wealth advisor truly believe in their investment strategies?  We do, and we offer fee structures based on your actual investment results.  You now have choices when it comes to fees.

Align Goals

  • Forward Thinking Portfolios

Our Mission

At IronBridge, our Mission is to provide our clients with confidence in any market environment, in any phase of life, and to see them live their best lives possible.

Disciplined Process for Any Environment

We believe there is a better way to invest.  It begins by recognizing that markets work in cycles.

No one can predict the markets with any consistency.  Yet most investment firms either try to guess where markets will be in the future, or worse simply invest in every asset class at all times.

Our investment process does not involve guessing or trying to predict the future.  We apply advanced analytical tools and a structured approach to identify which investments provide our clients with the highest probability of success in both good markets and bad markets.

Independent, Diligent and Accountable Wealth Managers

Who We Serve:

  • Successful Professionals and Investors
  • Business Owners
  • Income and Total Return Investors
  • Real Estate and Private Equity Investors

Who We Are:

  • Truly active portfolio managers and financial planners
  • Committed to deep analysis of financial markets, and recognize that markets work in cycles
  • Persistent and diligent in our advice and investment management
  • Consistently reviewing your financial plan to adapt to changing regulatory and tax environments
  • A comprehensive resource for real estate, private equity, and private business ownership

We Are Not:

  • Beholden to pie chart investment strategies
  • Advisors who will tell you to “Stay the Course”
  • Always bullish or always bearish; we let the market dictate appropriate actions
  • Sales people disguised as financial advisors

Learn how IronBridge can help you achieve your unique and meaningful goals.

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Our Goal for You

Jim DenholmOur goal at IronBridge is to provide our clients with confidence in any market environment and in any phase of life.  We do this by being proactive and diligent in managing risks and capturing returns in both good and bad markets.

We hope to earn your trust by understanding your financial situation, thinking differently about how to grow and protect your wealth, and being persistent in planning and portfolio management.

– Jim Denholm, Founder & Managing Director

Recent Market Publications

Cycles & Anniversaries

Knowing where you are within an economic, investment, or social cycle may be the single most important factor in making an investment decision. History is rife with examples of cycle extremes, both on the upside and on the downside, offering excellent corollaries to today’s cycle environment. We should adjust our thinking based on where we

Cyborgs & Recessions

With rapid advancements in technology computing power, we now have access to information that was once unfathomable. But having information and properly using information are two very different things. A successful investment strategy must combine the benefits of both humans and machines. Numerous economic indicators are flashing warning signs. Most recently, December retail sales came

Dipping Our Toes

Prudent management of portfolios does not include an “all-in” clause. As the market continues to show resilience following the steep selloff in the fourth quarter last year, we are continuing to reallocate out of cash and into equity and other attractive investments. However, we’re not convinced we are out of the woods just yet. Plus,

Be Right or Make Money?

It’s that time of year when all of Wall Street makes their predictions on where the markets are headed in 2019. But beware, you are being sold something and you may not recognize it. Plus, as bulls and bears continue their tango, we ask “Now What”? Evidence exists for both positive and negative outcomes, so