IronBridge Wealth Management

Find Your Peace of Mind

Asset Management

We combine the foundations of traditional portfolio management with a forward-thinking approach to risk and reward.

Meaningful Advice

We believe investment success has its roots in persistent and comprehensive financial planning.

Market Analysis

A deep understanding of financial markets is critical to consistently grow and protect wealth.

Innovative Fee Structure

We believe in giving clients choices when it comes to fees. Our approach aligns our firm with our clients’ success.

  • Forward Thinking Portfolios

Welcome to IronBridge Private Wealth

At IronBridge, our Mission is to provide our clients with Confidence in any market environment, in any phase of life, and to see them live their Best Lives possible.  We’re here to help you Find Your Peace of Mind.

IronBridge Private Wealth was founded in Austin, Texas to combine the strength and resources of a large financial firm with the independence of a local company. We are fiduciaries held to the highest standard of care. We are an independent private investment firm, and we are required by law to put our clients’ best interest first. We are compensated only by the fees our clients pay, and we do not receive commissions of any kind. We seek to be unbiased and straight-forward.

We strive to understand your unique goals and objectives to deliver investment and risk management strategies that adapt to changing market conditions.  We believe this provides the foundation of true fiduciary service.

Independent, Diligent and Accountable Wealth Managers

We look forward to serving you with the integrity and professionalism you expect and deserve.

Who We Serve:

  • Successful Professionals and Investors
  • Business Owners
  • Income and Total Return Investors
  • Real Estate and Private Equity Investors

Who We Are:

  • Truly active portfolio managers and financial planners
  • Committed to deep analysis of financial markets, and recognize that markets work in cycles
  • Persistent and diligent in our advice and investment management
  • Consistently reviewing your financial plan to adapt to changing regulatory and tax environments
  • A comprehensive resource for real estate, private equity, and private business ownership

We Are Not:

  • Beholden to pie chart investment strategies
  • Advisors who will tell you to “Stay the Course”
  • Always bullish or always bearish; we let the market dictate appropriate actions
  • Sales people disguised as financial advisors

Learn how IronBridge can help you achieve your unique and meaningful goals.

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Our Goal for You

Jim DenholmOur goal at IronBridge is to help make a positive change in your financial life. We care deeply for our clients, and recognize that financial matters are not easily and openly discussed.

We hope to earn your trust by understanding your financial situation, thinking differently about how to grow and protect your wealth, and being persistent in planning and portfolio management.

– Jim Denholm, Founder & Managing Director